Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beerbombers Top Fantasy Players For 2011

Top 10  In Each Position.


1. Tom Brady

2. Michael Vick

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Peyton Manning

5. Josh Freeman

6. Drew Brees

7. Matt Ryan

8. Matt Schaub

9. Joe Flacco

10. Eli Manning


1. Adrian Peterson

2. Ray Rice

3. Chris Johnson

4. Arian Foster

5. Maurice Jones-Drew

6. Stephen Jackson

7. Frank Gore

8. Peyton Hillis

9. Matt Forte

10. Jamal Charles


1. Andre Johnson

2. Greg Jennings

3. Roddy White

4. Larry Fitzgerald

5. Miles Austin

6. Calvin Johnson

7. Brandon Marshall

8. DeSean Jackson

9. Dwayne Bowe

10. Anquan Boldin


1. Vernon Davis

2. Jason Whitten

3. Kellen Winslow

4. Antonio Gates

5. Dustin Keller

6. Marcedes Lewis

7. Chris Cooley

8. Tony Gonzalez

9. Owen Daniels

10. Brent Celek


1. Felix Jones

2. Javid Best

3. Mike Williams TB

4. Wes Welker

5. Thomas Jones

6. Braylon Edwards

7. Knoshown Moreno

8. Fred Jackson

9. Santana Moss

10. Percy Harvin

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bet on Chad

As a Miami Dolphin fan it disturbs me to know that other fans are booing what is going to be our starting QB for the team. It might not be the most popular choice, and it might not even be the best choice but it is the choice that our head coach has made so we must support it. Now before anybody say's I think Chad Henne is a better QB than Kyle Orton would be mistaken, I think at this point that Orton is a better decision maker than Henne but the fact is Orton is not on our team and until he is there is no discussion to take place. What I will do is give you some reason on why you should actually bet on Chad to make progress this year as the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins.

1. 61.4 % completion rate, which means he is pretty accurate and that decision making skills are the focus of his practices. He has the accuracy just needs to grow up mentally and he could take a giant leap forward.

2. Last year what killed him was cruical interceptions but stat wise he was plagued by bad luck. Out of all passes he threw that were defended only had two drops by defenders. Which just means he was unlucky guy and even with another case of bad luck defenders should have more drops than just two this year. So I expect interceptions to go down this year to around the 12-13 range which will put the Dolphins in place to win.

3. This will be his second year with Brandon Marshall. Last year one of the biggest complaints from Brandon Marshall was that he was not being targeted enough, and that could of been from lack of practice with one another but I feel this year he will have a better relationship with his big time receiver. This means his big time receiver should make more big time plays, also allowing the other WR's to get some one on ones to make plays of their own.

4. Reggie Bush while I don't think will be a huge factor in the running game will benefit Chad Henne. Bush will give him a great pass catcher out of the backfield that can turn a small play into a huge play. This in-turn will make defenders know where Bush is at on the field causing gaps for TE's and slot WR's. Reggie Bush is an X-Factor for this team and needs to stay healthy because he will make Chad Henne better.

There are still some concerns that come to mind when I think of Chad Henne and that being will he progress on throwing deeper routes, mental mistakes, and coaches let him open up the offense. He is a QB that does not need handcuffs and like many QB's in the league needs confidence from his coaches and peers. I think he is getting them both so Phin Fan's stop worrying about a QB not on our team and start Betting on Chad.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Start Of A New Era

It is about time we get to blogging about what we blog about best and that is sports. So expect some blogs to start reappearing around here with opinions and all.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Due to issues we have not been able to post blogs but starting Dec 15th it will be good to go again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Week 9 - Fantasy Football Tuesday Afternoon Hangover

Top Shelf
Aaron Rodgers – This was a nice bounce back game after the dismal game previously with the Jets. Although he threw for 289/3 and added 41 rushing yards. Even if it was against the Cowboys, it's still a great game for whomever his opponent was.
Michael Vick – His first game back from injury, there’s no way he’d keep up or even pick up where he had left off prior to this injury. Well he did, posting his seconded highest point total of the season by throwing for 218/1 and then rushing for 74/1.
Phillip Rivers – You’d think not having Gates, Floyd, Naanee, and Davis would put a downgrade on Rivers fantasy value, wrong. He still managed to throw for 295/4. Imagine what he could be doing with a full, healthy receiving crop, V. Jackson, Floyd, and Naanee as your top three wideouts and Gates at TE.
Honorable Mention: M. Stafford, E. Manning, M. Sanchez, B. Favre

Peyton Hillis – What in the world was Josh McDaniels thinking when he traded this guy and two draft picks for Brady Quinn?!?! Yea, me either. It’s not like he’s able to run for 184/2 and catch three balls for 36 yards against the Patriots. Oh wait he did. Another great game for one of this year’s Waiver Wire Gems.
Arian Foster – Another where’d he come from player this year leads the Top Shelf RBs, seems to be a trend this week. Foster’s out together a nice string of games, with this being his 3rd straight game over 20+ fantasy points. Then again it is easy to do when you’re rushing for 127/2 and adding 70 receiving yards to your totals.
Honorable Mention: A. Peterson, M. Turner, A. Bradshaw

Terrell Owens – Anyone have any clue when he got this rejuvenated youth from? Neither do I, but another great performance for Owens at the cost of Ocho. I wonder how much longer this “sharing” spirit will last with a losing record. But you can’t argue much with 141/2.
Seyi Ajirotutu – Who, how to you say that? Is the normal response you would get, instead you want to know how to say it to curse the fact that you weren’t able to have him in your line ups, I know I wasn’t either. With a depleted receiving crop there had to be someone step up and Ajirotutu was that man catching only four balls for 111/2.
Honor Mention: J. Ford, J. Jones, D. Jackson, H. Nicks

A quick view of a position that never gets enough credit and I know I should have them in here every week, but this seemed to be an even better week than normal for TEs. Here’s a list of all the TEs that scored 10+ points this weekend.
  • Jacob Tamme
  • Aaron Hernandez
  • Randy McMichael
  • Visanthe Shiancoe
  • Jimmy Graham

Bottom of the Barrel
Chad Henne – It’s not the fact that Charlie Whitehurst scored as many fantasy points or threw less interceptions, it’s not that he was playing the Ravens defense; it was the THREE intercepts and TWO fumbles that has him circling the bottom of this barrel. Here’s to getting him and his receivers some stick ‘em and teaching Henne what color jerseys he’s allowed to throw to.
Ryan Mathews – For Mathews to be a rookie and still one of the 10 to 15 RBs to get draft, he’s yet to pay for himself, not even close. The only bigger RB bust I can think of this season is S. Greene. Mathews could still be a great back but with aggravating his ankle injury again this week, he’s still sinking down to the bottom.
Chad Ochocinco – With the season T.O. is have you’d think by now it’d be pulling some coverage off of Ocho and opening up part of the field, but it’s not. He’s only managed to have two double digit fantasy games this season. Hopefully he can turn it around in the second half, but that’s not looking to be the case.

Bargain Bin
**Bye Week: P. Rivers/A. Rodgers/D.Brees**
Josh Freeman – This is the number one QB pick up this week, he’s at CAR, so there is a good possibility for him to get points on the board and he’s still owned in less than 50% of leagues.
Others to look for: R. Fitzpatrick, S. Bradford, D. Garrard. All owned in less than 50% of leagues.

**Bye Week: D. McFadden/Raiders RBs/R. Mathews/B. Jackson**
Mike Goodson – Yes, we all know my feelings on CAR RBs, but considering he is the only healthy one left and the RB Free Agent pool have been pretty thin all season he is at least worth a look.
Others to look for: D. Woodhead, K. Williams ( Torain is looking healthy though), Javarris James (Until Addai/Hart are healthy)

**Bye Week: G. Jennings/Saints WRs/A. Gates/Z. Miller**
Jacob Tamme – Now owned in roughly 50% of leagues, soon to be 100% after his last game. This one shouldn’t need much explanation, when you have Peyton Manning throwing to you, your likely going to get some points.
Others to look for: S. Johnson, M. Manningham, J. Jones

Monday, November 8, 2010

So Far In Week 9

Due To A Business Meeting This Week Will Not Be Done Till Wednesday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Pay Day Picks

Its that time again and lets get you paid check out for all the picks.

Game 1.

NY Giants @ Seattle +7

Winner NY Giants
Giants play to good of defense and Seattle will have the backup QB in, don't expect much from the offense. They are playing in Seattle but should not matter to much in this game.

Game 2.

Indianapolis @ Philadelphia -3

Winner: Indy

Look for Manning to be to much for the Phillies secondary and plus you have to take the Colts anytime they are given points, its not like they need the help.

Game 3.

Dallas @ Green Bay - 7

Winner: Green Bay

Dallas has offically given up and are not playing their hardest to win. They are playing for stats and thats about it and last time I checked Kitna was the QB.

Go check out all our picks at

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Tuesdays Episode Of The 2nd Stringers Sports Blog Talk Radio

Go To The Link Below To Listen To Tuesdays Episdoe Of Our Sports Show

-World Series
-NFL - Current Events, Last Weeks Games, The Formula, Waiver Wire
- College Football
- NBA/College Basketball

Pretty much in order so if your looking for one section or the other just skip ahead

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NFL Week 8 - Fantasy Football Tuesday Afternoon Hangover

Top Shelf

David Garrard – He got pushed into starting this week, due to the fact that his back-ups were more dinged up than he was, but it looks like a week off did Garrard well. He accounted for 5 total TDs (4 Passing and one rushing), along with 260 passing yards.
Matthew Stafford – This was a great welcome back party for Stafford; considering this is his first start since Week 1, he came up in a big way throwing for 212 yards and 4 TDs.
Honorable Mention: J. Campbell, P. Manning, P. Rivers, V. Young

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – So much for a passing offense, well, this really isn’t the evolution of the Pats offense to a grind it out offense, but proves they’re not scared to give him the ball and let him go. The 112/2 performance on Sunday proved that one.
Jamaal Charles – Although Charles didn’t score a TD, his yardage alone put him on the list. He managed to gain 177 on the ground and 61 receiving. Yet with this performance, it just adds more questions as to who’s going to produce more as the Chief’s #1 RB?
Arian Foster – Another game against the Colts, another stellar performance out of Foster, even though this one wasn’t all on the ground. He only mustard up 102/1, in comparison to his first outing of 231/3, but this game he managed to add 65 receiving yards to his total as well.
Honorable Mention: L. Blount, A. Peterson, M. Reece

Calvin Johnson – Nothing like coming off a Bye Week to have your best game of the year so far. Stafford connected with Johnson for 3 TDs and 101 yards, looks like as long as these two can stay healthy this is going to be a great source of points for most fantasy owners.
Brandon Lloyd – If I remember correctly, it was just last week that Lloyd was in the B.o.B. Ranks, but I told you he wouldn’t be there long. Well it looks like he’s read this blog as well, because not even a week later he went for 169/1. A little more realistic numbers out of him, but he is close to being the value pick up of the year to-date.
Mike Sims-Walker – If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of C. Palmer because he has done nothing but disappoint and let me down in the past, well welcome to the current version of Palmer. MSW has done nothing be disappoint this season, hell I was to the point that I’ve told people to drop him. This past week a friend posed a question of who to start, Lee Evans or MSW, well of course I said Evans, both are boom or bust, but Evans gives you a better shot at some points even in a bust, well I was wrong. MSW went off for a career day (153/1). Still sticking to my guns and saying don’t look for a repeat performance.
Honorable Mention: L. Fitzgerald, D. Heyward-Bey, T. Owens, A.Gates, M. Lewis

Bottom of the Barrel

QBs that scored less Fantasy Points this week than Tarvaris Jackson (10):
  1. · Cards QB Combo - Max Hall (2) / Derek Anderson (9)
  2. · Brett Favre (8)
  3. · Matt Schaub (8)
  4. · Mark Sanchez (8)
  5. · Aaron Rodgers (6)
  6. · Chad Henne (6)
  7. · Ben Roethlisberger (5)
  8. · Matt Moore(5)
  9. · Matt Hasselback (4)

Carolina RBs – “The tandem of D-Will and J-Stew has looked pitiful for most of this year to say the least, not giving up on, well D-Will yet, but he’s making it hard.” No I didn’t forget to redo this section from last week, just feel there’s nothing worse to pick from here. D-Will didn’t play and J-Stew still sucked, not much more I can say other than that.
Randy Moss – Not only did he get traded this season, now he’s gotten cut and still professing his love for the team that traded him. His value is up in the air right now, but if I had Moss right now, I’d be scared that he’s not going to go on a Moss tangent and not want to play for Team X or he might Retire who knows, he did spend some time around Favre.

Bargain Bin
**Byes this week: K. Orton/D. Garrard/
D. McNabb/S. Bradford**
Top 3 QBs Owned in 30% or less leagues:
Ryan Fitzpatrick – 97 total points in the 6 games started that comes out to16.2 points per games started, I’ll gladly take that.
Matthew Stafford – There were big hopes at the beginning of the season for Stafford and the Lions, well that all came crashing down with a shoulder injury in Week 1, but now he’s back a firing the ball down the field.
Josh Freeman – Currently ranked 7th in position ranking my ESPN and averaging 14.4 points per game. Same point totals as a guy named Carson Palmer, bet you’d have never guessed that one.

**Byes this week: C. Johnson/F. Gore/S. Jackson/
M. Jones-Drew/ R. Torain**
I’m going to take a movie theme with this section on RBs, mainly because that has been how its felt trying to pick up some RBs this year when you need one.
The Good:
· BenJarvus Green-Ellis – This one should be obvious, but if you don’t own B. Green-Ellis (and there are 10% of leagues out there where he’s not) needs to be owned. He has scored now in 5 consecutive weeks and only has competition from Danny Woodhead, who isn’t a bad pick up himself. But the competition he brings isn’t enough to warrant not wanting Green-Ellis in your line ups.
The Bad:
· LeGarrette Blount – An obvious candidate for this section for many reason, but he’s in here because they might want to make him the starter, but Cadillac is still there as well. Not saying you don’t need to pick him up, but the 20+ point days are going to be far and few between.
The Ugly:
· Keiland Williams – If you’re a Torain owner you should know this name, not only as a handcuff but as the guy who’s catching his passes on 3rd down. This is an ugly situation because the MRI came back negative on Torain, but we know how Mike Shanahan likes to play with the injury report. We won’t know the extent of this injury, or even if there is one, till well after this bye week. If you have an extra spot or are in a deep league he’s worth a waiver.
· Marcel Reece – Ugly because who the… is this guy. He’s the 3rd RB for the Raiders. Yes, I know this sounds crazy to me too, but this is more just someone to keep on your radar in deeper (extremely deep) leagues. They like using him, the last two weeks they had the chance and he’s gotten some looks, and it’s paid off for him in averaging 14 points over the past two weeks.

**Byes this week: B. Lloyd/K. Britt/S. Moss**
Steve Johnson – He has now scored at least one TD in five straight games and is only owned in 50% of leagues.
Darrius Heyward-Bey – Only owned in 1% of leagues, not too surprising, but with the reemergence of the ground game and the Raiders starting to look like the Rrraaiiddeerrsss, he might become a decent option in the second half of the season.
Mario Manningham – With coming off a Bye Week and only being owned in 45% of leagues Manningham might have been over looked in your league, if the G-Men can continue their hot streak any Gaints WRs could be a great start.

Monday, November 1, 2010

So Far In Week 8

So Far In Week 8

Well this week it is going to be little different because I was at the Talladega race and you will be able to see pictures of the people we met and such on Tuesday at So I only got to catch the Sunday Night game so what I am going to do is give you the matchup and score as usual and just give you my reaction to the scores. So let’s get it going….

Miami @ Cincinnati 22-14
Well the first thing I will say about this is I was secretly keeping up with this game score when I was at the race because I’m a Dolphins fan. This was a much needed win for Miami and I can see the Dolphins making a run as the season continues, especially now that they are in talk about getting Randy Moss. Cincinnati though seems like they just don’t have the magic that they had last year, but don’t count them all the way out yet. Miami also improved their road record to 4-0, which is a good thing because they will face the Ravens on the road next week, and the Bengals will take on the Steelers.

Jacksonville @ Dallas 35-17
Well when I saw the score to this game the first thing I could think of was, did Wade Phillips still have his job? It is officially to the point for the Cowboys to fire him and put someone else in there and hope for the best but no reason holding on to a coach that you know is not going to be their next year.  Jacksonville is hanging on and still can make a run in their division and at least keep hope for the wild card. David Garrard played an excellent game and should see him on Top Shelf in Justin’s Tuesday Morning Hangover. The Jaguars will go on a Bye and try to get everyone healthy, and Dallas will travel to Green Bay.

Washington @ Detroit 25-37
What happened to Washington? Did Stafford look good?  Was Ryan Torrain not able to run the ball? These were the questions that ran through my head when I saw the final score. To find out that Rex Grossman got put in for McNabb and not due to injury, explanation number one and Stafford did play well, explanation number two, and McNabb was leading rusher for Washington, explanation number three. Detroit is not a bad team and they will be able to hang with anybody this should be a warning to all the other teams not to sleep on Detroit.  So hope the Jets got the warning because that’s who the Lions take on next week, and the Redskins will take on a Bye week, maybe get this QB situation fixed.

Buffalo @ Kansas City 10-13
Well the winner is who I thought it would be, but thought it would be more high scoring than this. I would have thought it would have been an offensive show not a defensive struggle.  From the looks at it the game was not exciting but poorly played but did seem that Jamal Charles had a great day. This was another big win for the Chiefs that look like that they are not going anywhere, as far as the Bills go I don’t think they will go 0-16. The Bills could get their first win against the struggling Bears, and Kansas City will take on the hot Raiders.

Carolina @ St. Louis 10-20
This is about what I was seeing for this game, nothing to exciting but a nice game by the Rams to get a win. Looked like both teams were not able to run the ball very well and that both QB’s played about the same but that Bradford was able to make a few more plays than Carolina. The Panthers are pretty much in rebuilding so don’t expect much of them this season but the way the NFC is wide open don’t think that the Rams cannot make the playoffs. Rams will try to get healthy off their Bye week and Carolina takes on the Saints.

Green Bay @ NY Jets 9-0
Was this Football or Baseball? 9-0 I was not sure if I saw the right score or if ESPN made a mistake but that was the final score. The Jets were supposed to have the shutdown defense not the Packers. This was a huge win for the Packers and will help them in their division and their conference. The Jets this should have been a wakeup call that they are not going to be able to run through everybody and I think they got the message. The Packers will face the Cowboys and the Jets will take on the Lions.

Denver @ San Francisco 16-24
What happened to Kyle Orton? What happened to the Broncos? Why haven’t the 49ers played like this earlier this season? A bunch of questions jumped in my head when I saw this score but I guess the game against the Jets with Denver is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Denver looks like they are just not the team that I thought they were, and 49ers are not going to go away yet but they are pretty much down for the season. With only 2 wins this season though it’s not looking good and they are going on a Bye so can’t lose next week and far as the Broncos go on a Bye week as well.

Tennessee @ San Diego 25-33
San Diego finally figured out how to win a game! Tennessee must of not of played Vince Young and Chris Johnson did not have a hundred yard game again. Well to find out Young did play but CJ did not have a hundred yard game. This was a big win for the Chargers and much more needed than the Titans needed one but hard to say when you have the Colts in the same division you need everyone you can get. Titans will get a bye week next week and the Chargers will take on Houston

Seattle @ Oakland 3-33
Did the offense get stuck in the airport in Seattle and they sent scrubs down to Oakland? Oakland was trying to show that last week was not lucky but something you can expect more of. McFadden ran over a hundred yards and is looking like he is everything they were hoping he would be. Seattle has to be more consistent if they expect to make the playoffs and the Raiders keep playing like this in the week West division you could see them in the playoffs again.  The Raiders will take on Kansas City and the Seahawks will have a tough test with the Giants.

Minnesota @ New England 18-28
Well I figured it wouldn’t a blowout but I figured that the Patriots would win this game. Favre I found out got knocked out but did play and before he was knocked out he was playing well. I think though it is time to play Jackson because your season this year is pretty much done, so you might as well see what you have in Jackson. New England is still running strong with Moss gone but hey with Moss being released by the Vikings you never know might be back in New England. Look for Patriots to keep rolling for now and Minnesota to keep struggling. Minnesota will take on Arizona and New England will face the Browns.

Tampa Bay @ Arizona 38-35
Well just like I thought would happen and that is Arizona would be close but that Tampa Bay would pull it out and that is what happened.  Blount had a great game for the Buccaneers and looks like he could be a very productive rookie for the Bucs. Arizona well this you can’t really blame on their offense just not a great game for their defense but I think once they get a QB they believe in, everybody will play better. Tampa Bay will try to improve to 6-2 against the Falcons, and Arizona will look to get to .500 against the Vikings.

Pittsburgh @ New Orleans 10-20
Well the sad part of this game is that they lost a week late, the loss they should have had come this week instead of last week like it should have. Pittsburgh did not play a great game and their offense played bad and I think it was more of inconsistent offense than great play by the Saints defense. It was a big win for the Saints that could not afford to lose another game. This does show that the Saints can play with the best teams in the NFL when they decide they are going to play. The Saints will take on Carolina next week and Pittsburgh will face the Bengals.

This is what is going on in Week 8 so far so for most of the teams it is mathematically possible for them to make the playoffs for the few teams that it’s not don’t worry you can play spoiler. Until next time this is Beerbombers….



Houston @ Indinapaolis 17-30

The Texans just did not look good in the first half of this game with Schaub struggling to throw the ball. Foster did run the ball well in the first half but was not good enough to take a lead. The Colts pretty much took the lead and never gave it up, Manning played a very solid game passing the ball. The bad news for the Colts is Mike Hart was injuried giving them less Depth at RB. The Texans have struggled of late pulling out a few wins but making it look hard so they need to get it rolling to make sure they get a playoff spot. Colts will have to take on the Eagles next week and the Texans will have to get a big win against the Chargers